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ADD:No.100, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China


          No.121, shuanghu Road, Gaochun economic
          development zone, Nanjing city, Jiangsu,China 



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basic information

Hai Chuanfa Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

Chuanfa Finance is a professional financial service company, aiming to build a benchmark enterprise in mutual fund industry, escorting small-win technology lending business for strategic partners, providing high-standard, full-process after-loan services. The twin towers of landmark building green space in Nanchang have built 2000 square meters of brand-new office space, which will soon usher in 1000-person-scale operation team, and receive strong support and attention from the municipal government agencies of Honggutan. They have become the investment attracting enterprises of Honggutan New Area in Nanchang.
City and finance seem to be a symbiotic relationship. In the city's high-rise buildings, financial office space has almost become a dominant building, which also reflects the development trend of a city.
In the exclusive office space created by Haitai Group for the dissemination of finance, it embodies the high-end and elegant charm of modern urban financial institutions everywhere.
Geometric fancy carpet, create a three-dimensional jumping look, make the office atmosphere more active, take away the sense of boring work.
The transparent high separation is like a separator, which not only brings a wide visual effect, but also keeps an independent and private space, creating a good environment for customers to negotiate and discuss small-scale.
In addition to the natural wooden decorative wall, the meeting space can record brainstorming ideas and create a convenient and efficient meeting mode by adding a writable glass wall design.
Executive office space is generous and elegant, senior black is used in every corner, making the whole environment extremely tasteful and stylish. Carrar administrative desk and back cabinet design, so that office life more arbitrary. Luke sofa creates a comfortable and harmonious visitor experience and makes communication easier.