TEL:400 886 8212


ADD:No.100, Renhe Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou,China


          No.121, shuanghu Road, Gaochun economic
          development zone, Nanjing city, Jiangsu,China 



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ONLEAD Group is a large-scale well-known office furniture enterprise focusing on research, production, sales and service integration. China's top ten brands of office furniture have more than 2,000 employees. Its brands include: green furniture brand "Haitai", "Olin" of Guangdong Province, the preferred brand of domestic growing enterprises "Coreda", and the leading military products in the field of new partition wall in China. Brand "Kleika", domestic office chair leading brand "Merck" and eight wholly-owned sales subsidiaries distributed in the first-tier cities in China, more than 100 service outlets and institutions throughout the country.

Interview address:

No. 100 Olin Industrial Park, Ren Ren and Zhenhe Long No. 7 Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou (beside Yidong Hotel)


Bus route:

1. Metro Line 3 Ren and Station Exit B. Ren and Xu Station will arrive by bus 701, 701A, 707 and 828 (via one station) Fenghe Zhuang Station.


2. 840 buses/510 buses (passing through Xinshixu) people and stations get off and take buses 701, 701A, 707, 708, 828 Fenghezhuang stop.


3. Take bus No. 701 Fenghezhuang from Tianpingjia terminus.


4. Airport Road Terminus/Xinshixu 704 Bus Fenghezhuang Station.


Note: When Fenghezhuang gets off the bus, he sees a road beside Fenghe Health Center. Go straight along the road for 20 meters (that is, behind Fenghe Health Center).



Contact person: HR-Zhao, Ministry of Personnel Administration

Contact number: 18825196872 or 020-66601678 to 1055

Please bring your resume, signature pen and so on to the interview.

Sales accounting

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Tax accounting

1. Processing tax registration and alteration and other related matters; 2. Be responsible for the issuance of daily sales invoices and the follow-up
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International Assistant/Clerk

1. Make a detailed list of shipments every day, arrange and follow up the shipments on that day 2. Scanning and dispatching daily delivery orders to relevant customers
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1. Inspection of incoming materials according to normative documents. 2. Fill in the inspection report according to the inspection results.
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ERP Implementation Project Manager

1. Responsible for project implementation management, formulating project plans, promoting project implementation and promoting project acceptance;
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IT Manager

1. Responsible for organizing the construction project of intelligent industry 4.0 software system such as ERP, MES, WMS, SCM, CRM, PLM and other big data centers;
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