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ONLEAD Group Founded in 1996,It is the first professional manufacturer of modern office furniture in China. In the office furniture industry for more than 20 years, for many years, it has been rated as the top ten brand, top ten brand, green brand, top ten leading brand of office furniture in China, and the quality award of bidding and purchasing of office furniture in China. It has become the leading enterprise in the office furniture industry in China.

The headquarters of the Group is located in Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. The overall planning, construction, landscape and decoration design of the office park are designed by Hassell, the world's top design company. It has fully introduced advanced international machinery and equipment. It has leading domestic production lines of solid wood, board, chair, sofa, steel cabinet and hardware, and has an intelligent and environmentally friendly office environment of 10,000 square meters. Experience Center. The Southern production base, Guangzhou Olin Industrial Park, has a construction area of 80,000 square meters. It is based on lean modern production and has strong design and manufacturing capabilities. Both parks adopt German style industrialized design, standardized management, green and efficient, and the production environmental protection standards have reached the international level.

ONLEAD Group has selected high-quality materials globally, introduced advanced manufacturing equipment from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, positioned itself in high-end customer groups, and manufactured office furniture of solid wood, board, sofa, chair, steel products, high partition wall and other systems. At the same time, actively expand the medical, financial, school, public furniture and other product lines, become China's leading supplier of comprehensive office furniture.




In line with the principle of originality and independent innovation, ONLEAD Group has established a furniture design R&D center in cooperation with many European excellent design institutions. Based on the domestic market, we have successively become strategic partners with world famous enterprises such as Fantoni, SBS and Normann. At the same time, Haitaiolin Group actively explores the international market and has a strong overseas marketing service system.



ONLEAD Group is based on the high-end office furniture market and its service network covers the whole of China. At present, there are more than 120 sales networks in major and medium-sized cities throughout the country. Customer relationship covers all sectors of the national economy. It has succeeded in China Petroleum, China Mobile, Siemens, Huawei, Coca-Cola, ABB, Alibaba, Tencent and many other top 500 companies in the world, as well as the government. Scientific research, medical treatment, education, public service and other institutions provide excellent business space solutions and comprehensive humanized services. "Serve zero distance, pursue zero defect" has become our persistent pursuit of quality concept.



ONLEAD Group has been committed to becoming a highly respected international office space creator! We firmly believe that walking with the strong is bound to become the strong.